Setting up LVM for EC2

This is a simple manual to set up LVM, it says for EC2 but it can also be used with non-ec2 servers, the difference is that you won’t create a new volume and attach to the instance, you will have to add a physical disc on your server and do all the procedure.

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Spaghetti with Tuna

WebPAC: A Proxy auto-config file generator

What’s a .PAC file?

PAC file allows your to create custom rules for proxy settings in an intranet. All workstations can have their proxy settings centralized in one file and you can set different proxies, depending on IP address, URL or network.

Under the hood, it is basically a JavaScript file (but with .pac extension) loaded onto browsers. When the browser is requesting a new URL, the JavaScript function FindProxyForURL() runs, and based on the function’s return value, a proxy is set. Read more